At Springbrook’s Kids Unlimited Preschool, children of all abilities play and learn together. Each day, a variety of teacher and child-led activities satisfy even the most curious kiddo and motivate students to learn from one another.

Through the support of generous donors, the high-quality education at Kids Unlimited Preschool is accessible to local families. If you would like to support KUP, consider donating so that the following supplies can be provided for more amazing learning opportunities!

-Block of pottery clay for art projects, or new books, $20

-Art supplies such as paper, colored pencils, pompoms, wiggly eyes, and pipe cleaners, $50

-Outdoor toys for our scavenger hunts, $75

-New technology, such as iPads for music time and speech purposes, $100

-A child’s smile, Priceless

If you would like to donate and support Kids Unlimited, please send your gift by clicking the button below or by texting SPRINGBROOK to 243-725.

2023-Kids Unlimited Program
2023-Kids Unlimited Program

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