Participants of Springbrook’s Capstone Day Hab program are glad to be spending more time back at the Oneonta Community Campus, where they have classrooms equipped for different activities, space outdoors for nice-weather days, and of course the gym! This is an ideal space for activities that are loud, active, and fun.

The “JettMobile” is a new addition to the program– contrary to its name, it is not propelled by a rocket engine, but by people-power. Pictured is Lance “piloting” this new equipment with the assistance of physical therapist Brittney Kelby. The JettMobile is used in physical and occupational therapy sessions to build arm strength and balance for a passenger in a seated or prone position. As a hand-propelled scooter, it can also help build arm strength and cardiovascular fitness. Oh, and it’s fun!

We are grateful to parents Sam and Virginia Vance, whose generous donation supported this purchase!

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