This Thursday we are asking you to put your #DonorDollarsAtWork! Have you ever raised money for a specific cause or organization through a Facebook Fundraiser or Challenge? Now you can choose to fundraise on behalf of Springbrook!

If you’re unfamiliar- Facebook fundraisers can be started at any time, whether for a birthday, the result of spontaneous inspiration, or in response to a challenge created by us. There are no costs or fees, we receive 100% of the profit and every donor receives a tax deduction receipt. To create a fundraiser:

  1. Click on “Fundraisers” in the News Feed menu.
  2. Click on “Raise Money.”
  3. Select “Nonprofit” or “Charity.”
  4. Search for Springbrook and select it.
  5. Choose a cover photo or keep the one provided.
  6. Fill in details about your connection to Springbrook or choose to use the pre-set information.
  7. Set a goal amount and hit “Create!”

We hope you’ll consider choosing Springbrook as the recipient of your next Facebook fundraiser! Every donation has an impact—you can make the difference.

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