Springbrook supports dynamic individuals like Bryan. Bryan resides in a Springbrook community home and is employed part-time as maintenance staff at the Family Engagement Center. At work, Bryan cleans, vacuums, washes windows, and maintains the kitchen and suites. Bryan builds his work skills through prevocational and employment training. He is also a proud Springbrook Scorpions basketball player. Bryan is just one of many who benefit from dynamic programming at Springbrook.


Springbrook employs dynamic staff like Rhiannon. Rhiannon has been working for Springbrook for 20 years as an employment specialist and has assisted Bryan and others in finding job opportunities that support their needs and interests. Staff members, like Rhiannon, work across disciplines, including employment services, prevocational training, housing navigation, therapeutic support, and sports programs like the Springbrook Scorpions.

Springbrook appreciates our dynamic partners, like YOU. We aim to provide ongoing support for lives lived to their fullest, with the help of generous donors. All that we do to meet the dynamic needs of the people we support, our staff, and programming is possible with your partnership. Please make a gift to Springbrook today with the button below.

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