This week in Donor Dollars at Work we’re celebrating a grant from the DDPC for COVID vaccine outreach. DDPC is the NY State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council; this council supports projects that promote advocacy and integration. Council members include people with IDD and family members who provide input into the group’s decisions.

COVID-19 poses substantial risks to people with developmental disabilities, so the DDPC awarded funds for COVID response projects across the state. Springbrook has focused on vaccine outreach, providing information, and providing free COVID vaccines. We even outfitted a van with equipment so that our nurses can conduct mobile vaccine clinics—maybe you’ve seen them at your local farmers’ market, county fair, or other events!

In addition to in-person outreach, Springbrook produced this public service announcement, now airing on radio and TV stations across Central New York. We are grateful for the DDPC’s support that has helped us to get the word out about the importance of being vaccinated to protect our health against COVID-19 and other contagions.

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