Did you know that Cook Street Community Home, located in the Village of Worcester, became one of Springbrook’s first community homes in 1986? Today, this charming Victorian-era mansion is home to 12 Springbrook residents.

There are many great things about Cook Street Community Home – it’s spacious, with many bedrooms, ample shared areas, and sheltered porches for enjoying fresh air outside. But, like all historic homes it requires ongoing attention and effort! In the past few years, new energy-efficient windows were installed, the house received a new paint job, an exterior ramp was replaced and an accessible walkway added. Springbrook’s top-notch facilities crew is now finishing up some flooring replacement work. Each of these projects was funded in part through grants from the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation. We thank the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation for their generous support which has helped to keep this house safe and cozy, and a credit to the neighborhood!

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