Deb France makes physical therapy look effortless. The reward of a time-intensive job requiring much effort can take years of day-to-day trial and error to be seen, but as Deb can attest, it is worth it. Over the past 35 years, Deb has shown us that one can grow in their career with a love of learning, a little compassion, and ample flexibility. Deb spends a lot of her time learning—from coworkers, but especially from the kids for whom she provides physical therapy at The School at Springbrook. And why not continue to learn? Because, as Deb says, “This is my life’s passion.”

Deb has worked with children from the Kids Unlimited Preschool and the School; she bridges play with therapy from the gym to the classroom and from the playground to the PT room. She has been present for accomplishments both great and small—some that take a few weeks and for which a new goal can be determined and others that take upwards of 10 years. For Deb, watching kids succeed in these various environments is one of her favorite parts of her job. The settings at Springbrook have changed over the last 35 years. Deb and the rest of the physical therapy team have seen their access grow to include a PT room, a gym, a cafeteria, expanded classrooms, a playground, and more, but what has remained the same is the sense of community and teamwork. The expansion of resources has made Deb confident, knowing that “if I can’t figure something out, I can access expertise right here on campus. I can ask for help and brainstorm. When I, or anyone, needs assistance, we can reach out.”

The rewards for those who choose a career in physical therapy can be great, as Deb has seen, with longevity and teamwork being key. Fortunately for Springbrook, we have people like Deb France, who have shared their passion for 35 years. Moreover, “There are many ‘life passion’ people around here,” she says. Thank you, and congratulations on your 35-year milestone, Deb!

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