Months of winter have everyone at the Cook Street Community Home missing flowers and the warm sunshine! So residents decided to do something about it! They did some internet shopping and found a spring-themed sun-catcher set that caught everyone’s eye. The kit included 24 custom sun-catchers ready to be painted with vibrant spring colors.

Residents Richard, Madeline, and Paul chose their favorite sun-catchers and got right to work painting. Paul shared, “I love doing crafts with Michele (staff member). They’re fun.” Paul is excited about spring and says that he is looking forward to spending some time outdoors in the sunshine again.

Once the newly decorated sun-catchers were dry, everyone decided where to hang them. The dining room window was an ideal location, so everyone could see them while they came together for a meal. This project brought in some spring colors and got everyone excited for spring!

Want to create your own spring-themed sun-catchers to decorate your home and welcome spring? Click here for a link to find a sun-catcher kit. This is an Amazon link, so be sure to use Amazon Smile and select Springbrook as your nonprofit so that we can get a small percentage back (every little bit helps). Once the kit arrives, you’ll need some paint, some string, and a little imagination! Once your sun-catcher dries, put some string through the loop, tie it, and hang your new sun-catcher wherever you want to welcome spring.

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