COVID-19 Vaccine Advocacy

A COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon. CDC and government officials have projected distribution to begin as early as this month. But so far, guidelines for distribution have not yet emphasized the importance of vaccinating persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities or Direct Support Professionals. Persons with I/DD have a heightened risk of COVID fatality, which is why it is so important we advocate for them to be first in line for the COVID vaccine. Additionally, it is important to protect the care workers who are in direct contact with them, providing the supports they need. Help us protect the I/DD population and those who provide them services by contacting your New York State Senator and Representative today.


Ways you can help today

You can send an email, write a letter, or make a phone call.

Contact your New York State Assembly Representative. You can find them here.

Contact your State Senator. You can find them here.


Not sure what to write or say?

Below are sample letters you may use as a template.
Parent or Guardian: Parent Vaccine Advocacy Letter Template
Direct Support Professional: DSP Vaccine Advocacy Letter Template


Here is a sample script you may use for a telephone call.

Hello, {Senator/Assemblyman} {Last Name},

My name is {First, Last Name} and I am a voter in your district. My {son/daughter}, {name}, has an {intellectual/developmental} disability and receives supports and services through Springbrook. I am calling today as a concerned parent to advocate that my child is given first priority for the COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals with cognitive disabilities are three times more likely to die than those without. Therefore, I implore you to do your part and ensure that people like {child’s name} are given priority access to the vaccine, and that you also prioritize the Direct Support Professionals who support people like my child, as the essential health care providers they are. Thank you.



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