It’s Sunday Funday again! This past Friday, Springbrook, along with childcare organizations statewide recognized and honored the essential workers providing the crucial service of taking care of children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NYS Office of Child and Family Services sent along a note of encouragement, which mirrors our sentiment of the incredible work done at Kids Unlimited Preschool. It reads:

“The work you do is foundational for creating emotionally and physically healthy children. You have gone above and beyond during the unprecedented time of COVID-19, bu consistently providing unmatched care to the children in your communities. You are nor only child care providers, but advocates for the children and families you serve. For families who would not have access to child care without you— you are lifesavers. For parents who need to work to support their children— you are a caregiver while they are away. To the children you serve when they are ill— you are comfort and support. Your dedication to this career helps plant the seeds of growth for infants, toddlers, and school-age children who have a fuller future because of you.”

We want to thank the staff who are still working every weekday to build an environment of learning and playing for the students at Kids Unlimited during this time. Thank you to Cathy Lien, Laura Addesso, Shanon Shultz, Lydia Garlick, Mary Ives, and Katie Orrell. We also want to thank the Kids Unlimited staff who have taken on assignments within home units in the Community Homes or School at Springbrook residential programs while staffing has been amended to provide different supports while regular day programming has shifted to their respective homes.

Thank you, all!

Happy Mothers Day

It might be hard to remember what day it is (Sunday, right?) but this is a particularly important Sunday to many out there; it’s Mother’s Day! If you are having a hard time thinking about what to do for the moms in your life, click the button below for some fun ideas!

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