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Hosting a Springbrook Soirée is a great way for you to help raise funds for Springbrook's Annual Fund. As a host, you'll have the  opportunity to educate your friends, family, and acquaintances about Springbrook's programs and our importance to your family. This is a wonderful, very personal way for you to ask them to contribute to Springbrook's mission. Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hosting a Springbrook Springbrook Soirée.

Will I be a good host?
What is the best location for a Springbrook Soirée?
As a host, what are my responsibilities?
When is the best time to host a Springbrook Soirée?
Can I get a friend to help me host a Springbrook Soirée?
How will Springbrook help?
Should I have a theme for my Springbrook Soirée?
What if I really cannot make the pitch myself?
How will Springbrook benefit from at Springbrook Soirée?
How do I sign up to host a Springbrook Soirée?

Will I be a good host?

If you have supported the Springbrook Annual Fund in the past and are excited about the services provided by Springbrook, then yes you will!

What is the best location for a Springbrook Soirée?

  • Wherever you would feel most comfortable hosting a party.
  • Consider your home, a private room at a restaurant, or co-hosting a party with friends.
  • The best location is one that will get people through the door.
  • Ultimately, a Springbrook Soirée is about bringing people together to learn about Springbrook. If you’d like to give your guests a chance to see our facilities and services first hand, contact us to schedule a tour and book a venue space.

As a host, what are my responsibilities?

  • Hosting a Springbrook Soirée includes the following responsibilities:
    • Providing food and drink (this can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire).
    • Preparing a list of people to invite. It is suggested that you invite 2-3 times as many people as you would like to actually attend. Invite your friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers. Thoroughly analyzing your connections at church, clubs, etc. can help you expand your initial list.
    • Writing personalized notes on the invitations developed by Springbrook staff or creating your own invitations. Invitations can be mailed by Springbrook if information is provided at least 7 weeks before your party date.
    • Making a fundraising pitch. After the Springbrook representative has discussed Springbrook’s services and financial needs, you can invite the group to join you in donating to Springbrook online or by check. The Springbrook representative present can assist with the fundraising pitch if you aren’t comfortable making it yourself.
  • Consider the following questions when planning your soirée:
    • Where will people park?
    • Where should people put their coats?
    • Are children allowed to attend?
    • What will attendants eat and drink?
    • Where should they listen to the membership pitch?
    • Where should I put the registration sign-in and/or computer for online donations?
    • What vendors (such as music, florist, food, etc.) do I need to book?

When is the best time to host a Springbrook Soirée?

This depends on the individuals you are planning to invite. For example:

  • Friends and family are more likely to attend an event on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon.
  • Co-workers or business acquaintances are more likely to attend after-work parties during the week.
  • In general, dates near or on holiday weekends are typically not good times. However, be sure to check that a Springbrook staff member will be available before finalizing a date and time.

Can I get a friend to help me host a Springbrook Soirée?

Yes! Sharing the responsibilities and pooling contacts can be a great way to host a Springbrook Soirée.

How will Springbrook help?

Springbrook will assist with your Springbrook Soirée by:

  • Attending your party and providing an overview of Springbrook’s services and funding needs
  • Taking donations (all forms of payment are accepted)
  • Creating and mailing a standardized invitation, if you wish
  • Providing other materials outlining Springbrook’s services and funding sources
  • Creating a personalized flyer about your child’s experiences at Springbrook, if you desire

Should I have a theme for my soirée?

While not required, a theme, such as a wine tasting or an ice cream social, could add a fun spin to your soirée. Or, perhaps the soirée could center on a specific service or program provided by Springbrook, such as our Day Habilitation or Tom Golisano Center for Autism, if that would be the primary interest of the attendees.

What if I really cannot make the pitch myself?

Although the best results occur when the host(s) make the pitch, we are happy to have the Springbrook representative present make the pitch on your behalf. If you are uncomfortable making the pitch but would like to host a Springbrook Soirée, please contact us.

How will Springbrook benefit from a Springbrook Soirée?

A Springbrook Soirée can have many benefits including:

  • Raising funds for the Springbrook Annual Fund which provides the funding gap that exists between state reimbursements and the quality of care we believe should be provided to every Springbrook participant
  • Bringing in new donations which could be several times what you pay for food and drinks
  • Leveraging your personal donations to help increase giving overall.

How do I sign up to host a Springbrook Soirée?

Please contact Stacey Grady, Director of Development at or 607.286.7171 x283 if you would like to host a Springbrook Soirée.

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