How Can You Help?

There are many ways to contribute to Springbrook, and we very much value your commitment to our mission. So please, join us at our annual gala, make an online contribution, join our exclusive Springbrook Society, volunteer your time, or give just by shopping at select stores. We look forward to hearing from you.

"When we came upon Springbrook, Alex was not doing well at his school and our situation at home, due to his aggressive behaviors. Our first impression of what we saw and read on the website gave us a gut feeling that this place could work for Alex. The first visit to Springbrook confirmed our feelings.  As we have become more involved and learned more about the whole organization, we continue to admire all we see.

 We give our time and money to Springbrook because not only do we want to help our son in every way we can, but also we want to support other families who are going through the same situations and challenges as us. We know firsthand the difference a strong support system can make in the life of a family and we want to create that support system among other Springbrook families. Together, we can help our children and family members who need our support, while nurturing our needs as caregivers."



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