Nursing Services

The people who Springbrook supports often have profound medical needs—from chronic conditions that call for ongoing medical care, to emergency medical needs. When someone chooses Springbrook, they choose an organization committed to meeting their ever-changing needs for a lifetime. This includes any medical changes that a person may encounter during their journey with us.  To address these complex needs, Springbrook has an important and well-established Nursing Services department that works in close partnership with each of our programs. Springbrook's Nurses are educators, wellness coaches, medical experts, and a resource for our Direct Support Professionals.  They have specialized knowledge of the unique needs of the people we support and are focused on improving overall health and wellness while being prepared to meet acute needs as they arise.


In addressing the medical needs of our on-campus students, Springbrook has cultivated a partnership with Bassett Healthcare Network—a partnership that grown and flourished in its 15+ year history. The School at Springbrook school-based Pediatric Clinic is a thriving example of how strategic partnership makes all the difference in the lives of those we support.  The Clinic has grown from serving 48 students initially, to now serving 72 students aged 5 to 21. Supports provided include an onsight pediatrics clinic, clinical coordination, a 24-hour on-call physician, off-site medication reviews, and specialist referrals, psychiatric consultation, behavior specialists, and physician attendance at case management meetings. This collaboration provides exceptional medical care that addresses the many unique and complex factors of developmental disabilities.


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