Employment Services

Springbrook's Employment Services are innovative programs designed to take independence a step further by encouraging people with developmental disabilities to be employed in the community.

Supported Employment

Individuals involved in Supported Employment work with Springbrook employment staff through all phases of the professional experience, including, but not limited to: classroom training, individualized coaching, and assistance with the application and interview process with supports gradually decreasing as he or she becomes more comfortable performing tasks in the work environment. Supported Employment is accessible to all developmentally disabled people who meet the OPWDD eligibility and waiver requirements, as well as the New York State Department of Labor age requirements

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment is a planning and support service that provides assistance for individuals to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment or self-employment. The program is a year-long intensive prevocational service that is focused on discovery to determine what if any, type of job an individual is suited to work.

Community Prevocational Services

Community Prevocational Services are activities specified in a person's individualized services plan. These activities prepare people for paid or unpaid employment, by working on job-specific tasks. These tasks may include support and training in behaviors related to following directions, attending to a task, task completion, solving problems, and safety. They may also focus on assisting the person to adjust to the productive and social relationship demands of the workplace. This program focuses on volunteering in a variety of work environments as well as job readiness training to prepare individuals for future employment opportunities.



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