Outcome of the Month - November 2018

People Are Connected to Natural Support Networks

As part of Springbrook's commitment to excellence for those we support, we will be sharing an Outcome of the Month for reflection with participants, staff, and administration. For November 2018, we bring you the outcome of "People Are Connected to Natural Support Networks!"

 “Gary is one of thirteen brothers and sisters, all spread across the country. Staff [in his house] help him connect through FaceTime; he is always checking in to say 'hello' to loved ones!” - Diane, Gary's Mother


  • Connection to a natural support network of family and very close friends provides a sense of security and a safety net for people
  • People choose the extent and frequency of contact with their support network. 

Principles for Organizations

  • Facilitate continuity in people's existing relationships and build the capacity of potential support networks, consistent with people's choices and preferences.
  • Provide, or assist people, to access the supports that will enable them to maintain connections to people in their support network.
  • Assist people who may have lost contact with family members to re-establish communication and develop their natural support network, if desired.

If you have any questions about the values and principles described, or how to facilitate a discussion with participants and your team, contact your supervisor. Thank you for your help in keeping Springbrook a leading service provider!

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