Outcome of the Month - September 2018

 People Choose Where They Work

As part of Springbrook's commitment to excellence for those we support, we will be sharing an Outcome of the Month for reflection with participants, staff, and administration. For September 2018, we bring you the outcome of "People Choose Where They Work!"

 “I really like working [in the Family Engagement Center]! People say I do a great job, and I like it here!” - Alex


  • The same array of options for work available to others is available to people.
  • For most adults in our society, work provides a significant amount of economic support and self-esteem.
  • If people have alternate means of support and do not wish to work, that choice is respected.
  • People who do not work spend their time in meaningful and productive activities.
  • Assistive technology enhances people’s employment potential and productivity.

Principles for Organizations

  • Assist people to locate employment that matches their goals, desires, skills, and aptitudes.
  • A full array of work, training, and other opportunities is made available to people.
  • Provide opportunities for different experiences and explore and respect individual preferences.

If you have any questions about the values and principles described, or how to facilitate a discussion with participants and your team, contact your supervisor. Thank you for your help in keeping Springbrook a leading service provider!

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