TLC Gives Back

IMG_0588-300x217.jpgAt Springbrook, we believe that giving should come full-circle. For us, that means not only supporting people with developmental disabilities, but also encouraging them to give back to their local communities. We believe that all people, regardless of ability, are able to help those in need in some way.

Right: Nicole (left) helps Laura (right) bag donated food

This fall, the Therapeutic Life Skills, or, “TLC” class, held a food drive to collect food donations to take to the St. Mary’s food pantry in Oneonta. TLC teacher, Nicole Sokolowski, says, “We had heard about the Thanksgiving food baskets that Saint Mary’s provides during the holidays, and thought it would be nice to help bring Thanksgiving to a few more tables this year.”

Nicole and the rest of the TLC classroom staff is always looking for ways to get the class involved in community activities and events, and with the giving season in full swing, it made sense to do a food drive. In all, the class was able to collect enough food to make ten baskets, and fill several bags of additional non-perishable food items that will feed families during the holiday weekend, when many donation sites are closed.

IMG_0592-300x204.jpgThe educational staff at The School at Springbrook looks for unique and fun ways to incorporate learning into each day’s activities. For example, in Nicole’s TLC students helped the community by donating food, but also worked on motor skills and coordination by picking up and placing grocery items into bags and boxes.

Left: Khalid (middle) and Zach (far right) help pack up donated food

Each day, Springbrook makes a difference in the lives of over 800 individuals and their families. The volunteers who pitch in and give us a helping hand and the generous financial gifts we receive each year have allowed our organization to continually fulfill its mission and keep the promise of a lifetime since 1925. And we cannot think of a better way to say “thank you” than to give back in return.


From left to right: Lisa, Khalid, & Nicole at the St. Mary's Food Pantry in Oneonta

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