Three Employees Recently Promoted to Leadership Team

Each day, over 1,300 Springbrook employees turn the promise of providing the most innovative supports and services to individuals and their families into a reality. It is their commitment to ensuring that every person we work with is living life to its fullest that sets the organization a cut above the rest. Their dedication encourages others to do the right thing, rather than the easy thing. Springbrook works hard to create a positive work environment by recognizing exemplary employees. We are proud to announce that recently, three members of Springbrook’s management team were rewarded with promotions as a result of their efforts.

In the Community Homes Department, Nicole Cashman has become the newest Director of Community Homes. Nicole has worked in her field for over 18 years and joined Springbrook in 2013. Her experience in Medicaid Service Coordination, program coordination, and advocacy makes her the perfect person for the job. “My promotion is in part due to the reliable, hardworking Team Leaders, Residence Supervisors, Direct Support Professionals, and Administrative team,” she says. “These individuals make our program a success, and without their support, my position would not be able to function as effortlessly as it does.”

In the Finance Department, Wade Harman has been named Director of Finance. During his 2 years with Springbrook, Wade has served as Assistant Controller and Assistant Director of Finance. He brings a wealth of experience in accounting, purchasing, fleet management, and the field of finance as it directly relates to serving people with developmental disabilities. While he did not initially expect to work in finance before joining Springbrook, he says he enjoys it and finds that working on “programs behind-the-scenes” has been rewarding as “both consumers and staff seem happy to be a part of the Springbrook family.” He attributes his positive outlook to former Chief Finance Officer at Springbrook, Rick Carnrike, whose motto was “You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work.”

Finally, Bill Giesse, also of the Finance Department, has been promoted to the position of Associate Director of Finance. He has been with Springbrook for 6 years and has served as Assistant Controller, Controller, and Assistant Director of Finance. His experience in payroll, systems management, and financial reporting have set the stage for his new role, which he expects will greet him with new challenges. Bill believes that “as someone who has limited interaction with our clients and residents,” he always works to do “whatever is necessary to help fulfill our mission of ‘a heartfelt commitment to serve people with special needs.’”

Springbrook congratulates Nicole, Wade, and Bill and thanks all of the employees who work to make the organization the leader in supports and services for people with developmental disabilities.

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