Thanks to our 2015 Gala Video Participants

Normally, we focus on the accomplishments or achievements of specific people for our e-newsletter spotlights, but this month, our post-gala glow has us so excited, we can’t decide on any one person! With that in mind, we would like to thank all of the people who participated in our gala “Today,” “Tomorrow,” and “Together” program videos this year.

Students at The School at Springbrook—Khalid Cham, Tibila Volta, Claire Deignan, Jacob Rothbein, and Evan Harrington—shared their recent accomplishments and goals for tomorrow. We also heard from Community Homes residents Laurie and Eric, as well as Jamie Canfield, an adult for whom Springbrook provides independent supports and services. The 3-part video series also featured the Morris, Katz, Travisano, Miller, and Martin families, who discussed what Springbrook means to them today and what they hope our organization will be for them in tomorrows of the future.

Here is what Jeff Katz, Ted Martin, and employee Deb France had to say with concern to their participation in the making of the videos:

Jeff Katz: “Participating in the program, and attending the gala, gave me a chance to relay our story about Nate to other parents. Karen and I both know it can be a pretty lonely struggle and it’s always nice to hear stories from other parents. I was happy to be able to tell our story.”

Ted Martin: "Bonnie and I feel the gala is a wonderful opportunity for our family to come together to support and celebrate Springbrook, today, tomorrow and for a lifetime."

Deb France: “ I was happy to be part of the video because it gave me the opportunity to share some of the many things I love about working at Springbrook.”

To all who were a part of the gala presentation videos, thank you—we were thrilled to take the opportunity to share your stories and give a face to the people and families we support.

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