Thankfulness Quotes

Throughout the month of November, we are sharing thankfulness quotes on Facebook and Twitter from participants and their families, and members of our staff. Check back often for updates!

We hope you will take the time this month to thank that special person or organization that means something to you!

“We are thankful for all the love and support we have received from Springbrook. You all have brought Neel a long way and he surprises me in every meeting in a very positive way. Thank you!” —the Kumra family

"I am thankful for the many times that life has knocked me down, I was able to pick myself back up and carry on. Knowing just how strong I am, gives me great hope that I can handle whatever comes my way."—Carol Pister, Parent

“It takes a village to raise a family and I am thankful to have a wonderful support network of family and friends to ask for help.” –Stacey Grady, Assistant Director of Development at Springbrook

“I am deeply grateful for Springbrook! You embody this quote [pictured below], making not only my son's life, but all your students’ lives richer because of the love you give so fully. We Springbrook families are all touched by this, which then ripples out into the world; a world ultimately transformed for the better.” –Carol Bernstein, Parent


"I am very thankful that I was blessed with a very special little boy (Nathaniel). He is a special needs child, but I would not change anything about him. That is what I am thankful for."–Kids Unlimited Parent

"Springbrook is giving me the opportunity to get the education I need to get my dream job. I am looking forward to using what i learn to help the residents in Community Homes." Eric Blau, Community Homes Residential Supervisor. Eric is participating in our Springbrook Scholars graduate degree partnership with the University of Rochester.

Levi, a student at Springbrook’s Kids Unlimited Preschool, is thankful for “his mommy, daddy, and brother.” He is also thankful for “his monkey blanket!”

One of our Kids Unlimited Preschool parents  is thankful for "anyone and everyone who has ever helped my family and those who continue to do so. I am thankful that our family will be together for the holidays. I am also thankful for my 5 sons—Tristan, Hayden, Colton, Crispin III, and Clayton. I am very thankful for all of the people in my sons' lives, helping them to learn and grow. I can see and hear the difference and really appreciate it!"

"When I first started working at Springbrook about two years ago, I didn’t know it would be the place where I fostered a career. I hate to admit it, but I used to be someone who underestimated what these students are capable of. Nothing is more edifying to me than watching a student gradually learn to overcome obstacles by developing strategies to control their own problematic behavior, and knowing that I had a part in facilitating that change. With careful planning and consistency in programming, these individuals can advance far beyond the walls of their disability. To that end, this can be an extremely challenging field to work in, but working in special education has given me a home-away-from-home. I strive each day to convey that feeling to the students I serve, and to give the best sense of autonomy they can achieve. While attending Rochester, I look forward to expanding my knowledge of Behavior Analysis and developmental disabilities and becoming a better resource to the program."—David Clapp, Teaching Assistant at The School at Springbrook. David is participating in our Springbrook Scholars graduate degree partnership with the University of Rochester.

"We want to thank you all, especially all the staff that look after Alex. We know it’s not an easy job. Thank you for giving Alex the tools that help him each and every day. With your support and hard work, we know together we can give Alex the best that he needs. Again thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for your dedication throughout the year. We want to wish you and all your families a wonderful Thanksgiving!" —Craig and Maria Keil, Parents

One of our Kids Unlimited Preschool students is thankful for "Dogs and cats, mom and dad, school, popcorn, [my] dinosaur backpack, toys, cameras, winter, snow, Santa, stickers, and pickles."

“Gerry and I are thankful for the Springbrook Parent Council that fosters the important role of parents and families in the Springbrook community by engaging families in ways that will strengthen Springbrook's mission, vision and financial outlook.” –Joyce Morris, Parent

"We are thankful for our two amazing children, who have brought so much love into our lives. The family we have become has made us forever thankful." –Gary and Kristine Williams, Kids Unlimited Preschool Parents

“On behalf of the Johnston Circle [Community Homes] residence, I want to say that I think that after a year in the making, the folks who have come to us have experienced opportunities that they might not have otherwise. I'm encouraged to see the motivated involvement in their day programs, their ability to participate in activities and excursions in the community, their ability to encompass person centered attention, and their learning how to participate in their daily activities to have them engaged and somehow empowered in their lives. I can say that they seem to be embracing this experience positively, and I'm encouraged every day when I see how well they're doing since coming to Springbrook!” –Kimberlie Gillette, Community Homes Team Leader

"I'm thankful for my mom and dad, books, pumpkins, and all my friends. I love my brother too." –Kennedy, Kids Unlimited Preschool Student

“I am thankful for my family, health, happiness and a very big thanks to all of the Springbrook family for being a big part of our lives.” –Wendy Martinez, Parent

"I am grateful for the health of my children, and for Springbrook's amazing preschool program–my son has already shown so much improvement in 2 short months!" –Kids Unlimited Preschool Parent

"We are thankful for the caring people who take care of our son and for the wonderful experiences he is having at Kids Unlimited." –Kids Unlimited Preschool Parents

"We are thankful for everyone at Springbrook that is involved with our son, Anthony. The kindness, caring, respect, and love from the staff is absolutely amazing. We adore all those that work with our son! We are grateful for Patricia Kennedy and her staff, to make sure that Springbrook is always equipped with the 'best' of everything for their students and for their future." –Anthony & Elly Napolitano, Parents

"I am excited and grateful that Springbrook is providing this invaluable learning opportunity for me through the University of Rochester. Professionally, my goal is to continue to contribute to a program that sees consistent success for students with autism in the areas of functional life skills, both residentially and in the community." –Adam Remillard, Program Manager for the Wright House in The Tom Golisano Center for Autism. Adam is participating in our Springbrook Scholars graduate degree partnership with the University of Rochester.

"I am thankful for my doctors, teachers, aides, and assistants, and for my baby brother, 'Vinny,' and for my mommy and daddy, and for my blankie. I am also thankful for 'Yo Gabba Gabba' and 'Blue's Clues." –Kids Unlimited Preschool Student

"I am extremely thankful for the wonderful, dedicated staff, in school and at Parker House, that has brought my daughter Lauren Rios back to us! She is once again happy with no more massive tantrums & for that I am grateful!” –Barbara Rios, Parent

"We are thankful for our children, our good health, food, shelter, and automobiles, and good jobs that help us provide for our family. We are also thankful for the integrated setting at Springbrook's Kids Unlimited Preschool." —Kids Unlimited Preschool Parents

One of our Kids Unlimited Preschool parents says: "I am thankful for every special moment with my son. I waited a long time to have him and am so glad I finally got such a great and healthy son!"

Christopher, a student at Kids Unlimited Preschool, says he is thankful for his "mommy, grandpa, and grandma." He's also thankful for all of the friends he has made at Kids Unlimited.

"We are thankful that our family has grown to include the Springbrook family. The care and respect that our son receives is wonderful. The opportunities in his life continue to expand, thanks to his Springbrook staff." —The Cottrell Family

One of the parents of a student at our Kids Unlimited Preschool says, "I am thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful for such wonderful staff that the Springbrook preschool has. It's a great feeling going to work every day knowing my child is happy!"

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