Springbrook’s annual education staff appreciation day

Wednesday, May 4th was Springbrook’s annual education staff appreciation day. Thank you to all of our education staff and a special congratulations to those who won the following awards!

Universal Staff Award – Rachel Griffis
Benevolent Masochist Award – Dorothy Stiefel
Most flexible Staff Award - Kristina Dimartin
Optimism Award – Bernice Osherowitz
Most Reliable Award – Deb Vandeusen
“Can Do” Attitude Award – Terry Church
Dietary Staff – Carol Wayman, Vickie Miskell and Ann Hutchinson
Team Player Award – Kathy Coughlan
Steadfast Determination Award – Janice Allen
Most Enthusiastic Award – Deb France
Most Helpful Award – Dave Pick
Achievement Award – Sean Field and Renee Vilbrin
Creativity Award – Shannon Mensche
Flexibility and Positive Attitude Award – Cathy’s Classroom
Collaboration Award – Desiree’s Class

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