Springbrook Secures Community Development Grant

Springbrook was recently awarded a substantial Community Development grant. In partnership with Otsego County, the organization applied for and was approved for $400,000 through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).

The awarded funds will support major capital improvement projects at many of Springbrook’s adult residences (Community Homes) in Otsego County. Following an initial assessment, Springbrook’s Director of Facilities, Thomas Ford, concluded that, while all of the homes are in excellent condition, several of them are due for costly routine maintenance projects in order to fit the changing needs of the individuals who live there. “As any homeowner will tell you, as a family's needs change, updates and modifications are investments that need to happen, and our Community Homes are no different,” says Ford. He continues, “…and the funding supported through the Community Development grant will be a big help in covering the costs.”

In Otsego County, where over half of the homes were built before 1960, the preservation and maintenance of these existing historical buildings is critical. By conserving the aesthetic and structural quality of the homes, Springbrook will be helping to reinforce the historical value in the neighborhoods in which they are located, decreasing the need for spending on new housing developments in outlying areas. Springbrook CEO, Patricia Kennedy, says, “Many homeowners in this area put a lot of work into maintaining the historic beauty of their homes, and we are proud to be a part of that.” An additional positive outcome is that Springbrook will be able to continue providing residential options within range of public transportation, which ensures that the adults who live in the Community Homes are able to access shopping, entertainment, and in many cases, their work or volunteer locations. This project will also generate jobs and business for small contractors who will be performing the construction work.

“Community involvement is important to Springbrook—whether it is in the form of an adult with special needs volunteering his or her time, students from The School at Springbrook attending a local event, or maintaining the homes we support in the area—we are happy to work with our partners in keeping our strong relationships with the businesses and residents in the area,” Kennedy says.

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