Springbrook Scholars a Success!

Being the leader in any industry is always a challenge, but the most difficult part often involves being able to maintain that level of excellence. Springbrook is constantly striving to ensure it stays at the top, and one way we make sure that happens is by giving our employees opportunities for personal and professional advancement. One example of that commitment is through our Springbrook Scholars program, in which employees—through a SUNY partnership—have the opportunity to continue their education at no cost to them. The partnership began with SUNY Oneonta but now includes the University of Rochester. By further educating our staff, we ensure that our participants are getting the most professional and knowledgeable support available.

One of the six recent graduates of the SUNY partnership program is Tom Golisano Center for Autism Teacher Katlyn Yorks. Katlyn, or Katie, graduated this May with her Master of Science in Special Education from SUNY Oneonta. The 23-year-old Rochester native has been with Springbrook for 4 years and has served in multiple capacities, ranging from intern to volunteer to substitute teaching staff member.

Of her commitment to Springbrook, Katie says that her students are her inspiration and her thirst for knowledge and understanding is the reason she comes back to work each day. “I am here to teach children with autism, but most often, I find the students are constantly teaching me. They deserve the world and every day, I learn more from them about how to teach them,” she says. “If the students are not learning, it’s because we’re not teaching in a way they can learn.”

SUCOGrads2014-300x196.jpgAt Right: From left (back): Katlyn Yorks, Caitlin Smith, Philip Boshart; (front): Ashleigh Doxtader, Renee Vilbrin, James Leech

For more information on the lifelong learning partnership opportunities available through the Springbrook Scholars program, please click here  or contact Chris Hulbert at hulbertc@springbrookny.org or by phone at 607-286-7171, ext. 190 for more information.

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