Springbrook Showcases New Medical Home During Ribbon Cutting Event

Oneonta, NY: On Thursday, May 12, Springbrook marked the opening of its newest on-campus home for residential students at The School at Springbrook during a ribbon cutting ceremony.


Construction on the new residence began last fall and continued throughout the winter. Designed for Springbrook’s students with the highest medical needs, the new residence features an open layout for ease of navigation, single bedrooms, secure medication storage, zoned climate control, an integrated fire detection and sprinkler system, and a therapy bathtub. Springbrook’s Chief Operating Officer, Seth Haight, explains, “This new residence addresses the needs of our students with high medical needs. It is a larger, more accommodating space with very thought-out design features. The completion of this home is an important part of a broad action plan made up of many exciting projects.”

The new medical home is part of the Springbrook 2020 Plan, which is comprised of 20 projects that stem from the organization’s news_ribboncutting.gifstrategic plan and includes renovations to existing educational and residential spaces, strengthened support and training for Springbrook’s 1,200 employees, and building a nurturing environment that provides privacy for families to spend time together while visiting. Also part of Springbrook 2020 are projects that will enhance Springbrook’s presence in the Broome County region, including opening two new Community Homes and an integrated housing development.

Springbrook is proud of the strong relationships with families and individuals who receive supports and services through the organization. Several families of students who will live in the home, Springbrook Parent Council members, and family advocates were present for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Also present were representatives from businesses involved in the design and building of the home—Chianis + Anderson Architects, Upstate Construction, and Rifton Equipment. Others in attendance included members of Springbrook’s Board of Directors and leadership team, as well as members of the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce.

news_ribboncutting_2.gifCompletion of the home was made possible in part by the support of private donations from the Safdieh Family, sponsorship from corporate partners Upstate Companies and Rifton Equipment, and foundation support from the JM McDonald Foundation and The Raymond Foundation. Upstate Companies served as the contractor for the entire project and gave a naming gift in support of the home. Of their partnership with Springbrook, Upstate Companies owner Brian Zaczek says, “It is with pleasure that we have been able to work with Springbrook in making the lives of hundreds of individuals better. Upstate Companies, LLC. is proud to have been a part of the construction of multiple Springbrook projects throughout the local community. Our staff takes pride in knowing that their work has such a purpose.”

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