Springbrook Receives Multiple New York State Balancing Incentive Program Transformation Fund Awards

Springbrook has been awarded $575,193 from the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities through the Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) Transformation Fund. The Balancing Incentive Program, a federal program authorized under the Affordable Care Act, supports projects that seek to transform non-institutional Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) for individuals who receive Medicaid funding.

The funding will support three major Springbrook initiatives. The first project is the creation of a Rural Support System (RSS) for area families and service providers. The Rural Support System will replace paper-based tracking systems, used by many service providers and families, with a coordinated electronic system that will integrate reporting, timekeeping, online training, and billing. The new RSS will reduce administrative costs, as well as improve support to over 110 individuals currently using Self-Determined Services. The RSS will also provide the opportunity for supports to be received by as many as 450 new individuals currently facing barriers to service because of a lack of access to shared technology.

The second project is the formation of an Employment Services Consortium made up of local businesses and service providers. The consortium will provide technology, supplies, education, and support to the business community and nonprofits in order to create and expand the number of real-world work experiences available to people with developmental disabilities. And third, funding will be used to enhance Springbrook’s Alternative Living Services program, which provides unique, supportive living opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in our area.

“We are extremely excited about this opportunity and what it means for the individuals we support. These three important initiatives will touch the lives of hundreds of local individuals and families, increasing their access to and choices for quality services,” says Springbrook CEO, Patricia Kennedy. Kennedy continues, “Each of the projects this funding will support was a part of Springbrook’s long-term strategic plan and are replicable models for organizations across New York State. This is an amazing opportunity not only for Springbrook, but for our community partners, to stand out as state-wide leaders in support of individuals with special needs.”

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