Springbrook Hosts Syracuse Basketball Alumni Roosevelt Bouie and Dale Shackleford

The School at Springbrook was proud to host Syracuse Basketball Alumni Roosevelt Bouie and Dale Shackleford on Tuesday, September 12. The two athletes came to the school to share stories from their time at Syracuse University, answer questions from students, and of course, shoot some hoops. 

Bruce Boyea—CEO of Security Mutual and a long-time donor/supporter of Springbrook—coordinated the event with Springbrook COO, Seth Haight. Boyea introduced the two athletes and shared several impressive statistics about Roosevelt and Shackleford, including the fact that both men started for Syracuse University’s Basketball team the entire 4 years they played. 

Both athletes spoke about the hard work that it took to be able to compete at the level they had, but also stressed the fact that no single player is more important than the team. While both men discussed the importance of hard work and self-discipline, the commitment to give your best effort no matter what—whether you are competing in a basketball game or attending school—was the main point that each communicated to the students. When asked by an audience member what advice he had for young athletes, Bouie said, “Be a great student.” 

Bouie and Shackleford took questions from the students in the audience after their initial presentation. Students wanted to know why the athletes chose to pursue basketball, and why they chose to attend Syracuse University. One student wanted to know what kind of bed Roosevelt Bouie—who stands at an incredible 6’11”— sleeps in.  

When Bouie and Shackleford finished speaking, several Springbrook students came on to the court to participate in a set of events specifically tailored to their individual abilities. The Syracuse alumni each partnered with a student and the entire gymnasium cheered as students, with the aid of their respective guest athlete, competed in a basketball themed relay race. 

After a short break the Springbrook Scorpions took the court to show the guest athletes their basketball skills. Scorpions Athletes took free throws, made layups, and even made several shots from behind the three point line. Bouie and Shackleford took the opportunity offer advice and pointers to the team. 

As a leader in the support and education of people with developmental disabilities, Springbrook is proud to offer opportunities for students and residents to meet and learn from individuals like Roosevelt Bouie and Dale Shackleford.  Springbrook would like to thank Bruce Boyea for making this wonderful event possible, and for making a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

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