Springbrook Family Organizes Autism Awareness Walk

autism-walk-2-150x150.jpgChristina and Robert Hendrickson have three children, two of which have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  They are an admirable couple who seek answers and are motivated to be part of bringing awareness to the numbers of children and families that are affected by Autism as well as promoting continued research for prevention.

Christina and Robert attended the autism March in Washington and were inspired by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey's amazing ability to bring attention and awareness to Autism.   They were so inspired they organized the first Annual Autism Walk in the City of Norwich, New York on April 20, 2009.  In addition to the walk there were speakers who made presentations in the city park and families and individuals were invited to share their own personal experiences.

autism-walk-150x150.jpgFrontier, Christina's employer was the lead sponsor for the event.  Christina was new to marketing and fundraising, but took it in stride and plunged forward in this new arena.  She learned a few things about advertising and fundraising and anticipates a bigger event and the second annual event in 2010 of which plans are already underway.

Christina is proud of the interest, awareness and participation that resulted because of her efforts and Springbrook applauds Christina and her family!

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