Springbrook Board Member is Honored


Springbrook friend and board member Jack Pitkin is receiving a Special Merit Citation Award from the American Baptist Homes and Caring Ministries (ABHCM) 

Mr. Pitkin joined the Springbrook Board of Directors in the spring of 1999. Known then as the Upstate Home for Children and Adults, Jack served on our Executive Committee and was extremely focused on the lives of the children and adults in our care. Jack’s drive and leadership provides the Board of Directors with direction and vision in furthering the Mission of Springbrook. Mr. Pitkin has assisted our organization though a large expansion project encompassing the last several years. Jack has been instrumental in helping Springbrook to grow and to reach out to so many children and families in our region. His dedication to the Mission of Springbrook is unparalleled. Mr. Pitkin is an inspiration to his fellow Board members as well as the staff here at Springbrook for his commitment to people who have special needs.at a ceremony in June. Congratulations, Jack, and thank you for all you do for Springbrook!

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