Serving Our Families, for a Lifetime

Throughout the month of July, we will be compiling short stories or fun facts about the adults we support. Check back often to see what's new!photo-34-300x199.jpg

- July is Parks & Recreation Month! Marie, a resident at Bird Avenue in Sidney, loves to go the park and feed the geese! Before becoming a member of the Springbrook family, Marie had difficulty finding things she liked to do out in the community, but now she regularly goes for walks with staff and goes on outings to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Marie's story is just one example of how Community Homes staff is always encouraging our residents to get out into the community and get the most out of life!

- Springbrook believes in supporting the most independent lifestyle possible. Cook St. resident, Randy, has taken many steps toward independence since joining the Springbrook family. He has been a faithful and loyal employee at Price Chopper for over 11 years. He also has two pets--a cat and a rabbit--that he cares for each day.

-If you are in the mood for a good joke or an interesting fact, Ford Avenue resident Roger will be glad to entertain you! Roger is well-known for his passionate love for details and interesting facts. He loves telling people about the different branches of government and facts about the different states! You can see him in one of our "Mr. President, Please Come Visit Springbrook" videos here. (He's the one standing next to the flag!)

- Joe is always available for a smile and some cheer. The Stone Quarry resident is a loyal friend who is always trying to make sure the people around him are happy. And if you’re ever in the mood to watch some football, he’s happy to join you!

- July is National Picnic Month. On Independence Day, residents from one of Springbrook’s Norwich Community Homes, Grandview, had a pig roast, and residents from Earlville, Sherburne, Hayes Street, and Broad Street came to join in the fun! It was a day of celebration, perfect weather, and good friends. Check out their photos here.

- Thad is a Ford Avenue resident who, after experiencing some very serious health issues, was hospitalized for over three months. Thad is very well-known in his Oneonta neighborhood; so much so, that when he stopped showing up at some of the local businesses he frequented, they began calling his home to make sure he was alright. While in the hospital, he made new friends and even had a few of the medical staff come and visit him once he was home, just to check and see how he was doing. The staff at Ford Avenue has been working very closely with Thad to make sure he is comfortable, and making progress with his recovery so that he can return to his regular daily routine. His story is just one of the many that demonstrates how support for individuals with developmental disabilities comes not only from Springbrook employees, but from the communities in which we live and work.

- Richie lives at Springbrook’s Bird Avenue Community Home, in Sidney. Before joining the Springbrook family, it had been over four years since he had seen his family in Queens, NY. Bird Avenue opened almost one year ago, and within that short time, the staff there has worked hard to ensure the residents have made those much-needed connections with their family members, and that’s just what they did for Richie too!

- Deidre is the 2014 recipient of the Triumphant Life Award, which is an annual award, intended to honor and give special recognition to an individual with a disability who has a relationship to Springbrook, and who has demonstrated a positive attitude, determination, and commitment to independence and choice. A staff member who noticed her strength of character and willingness to always try her hardest to achieve new goals nominated her for this prestigious honor. Deidre has reached a new level of independence since she began receiving services through Springbrook and she has a lot to be proud of! You can hear her tell her story here.

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