Roberta Hohensee Promoted to Manager of Therapy Services at Springbrook

We would like to congratulate to Roberta Hohensee on her promotion to Manager of Therapy Services at Springbrook! Roberta holds an Associate of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and has over 34 years of experience in the field. As Manager of Therapy Services, she will be overseeing a Therapy Department of 23 employees, which supports students at The School at Springbrook and Kids Unlimited Preschool, adults in the Capstone Program, and Community Homes residents. Therapists at Springbrook also provide evaluations for students in the preschool and Early Intervention Programs across Otsego, Delaware, and Chenango counties.

Roberta did not initially intend to become a therapist. She began her education with the goal of working in psychology, but Roberta says, “My father was the head of Rehab Services at a VA Hospital and he suggested that all of my courses, experience, and skills would translate well into a career as an Occupational Therapist…and he was right.” She continues, “After all these years, I still love it.”

For more than 11 years, Springbrook has benefited from Roberta’s expertise and team-player attitude. “It is an honor and a pleasure to serve and support all of the wonderful therapists we have at Springbrook,” she says. “Our therapists have quite and array of skills, experiences, personalities, and work styles; therefore, managing this big team is at times challenging…but always rewarding when we see the excellent outcomes we have for the [individuals] we serve.”

Thank you to Roberta and to all of the employees who work to make the organization the leader in supports and services for people with developmental disabilities. Springbrook is proud to have such a great team of professionals always working toward making life the best it can be for the people we support each day.

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