Mission of Complex - Springbrook Family Shares Their Journey Through Hyperlexia

Autism and other developmental disabilities do not disappear once a child turns 18.  Yet, although there are many heartwarming stories about children, it is harder for families to find stories about what happens when their child grows up.  One family hopes to provide some answers.  After all, who better to share stories of struggles and triumph than a Springbrook family? 

In the new blog, Mission of Complex: Our Journey Through Hyperlexia, follow the Katz family as they chronicle the life of their 20-year-old son, Nate, and share their observations on hyperlexia (which is on the autism spectrum) both during Nate's childhood and today, in order to provide other parents with hope and guidance. 

As the blog's first entry reveals,

""Mission of Complex? That’s typical Nate word play on “Mission Accomplished,”  and one of our favorite bits of Nate-speak. What I hope this blog can do is give help and solace to parents struggling with younger kids posed with similar challenges. I know that when Nate was 9 or 10, we were desperate for stories, any stories, of a 20-year-old like Nate. There weren’t many, let only ones that ended up with a kid in college! How we got here from there is a fascinating story, at times frustrating, at times funny, at all times rewarding.

Our family has never presented ourselves as inspirational people, or as experts in autism or hyperlexia. Yet, we find ourselves living in the midst of an inspiring story, with much to offer. The Mission of Complex blog will share stories, memories, paths taken and, hopefully, serve as a sounding board for families and professionals who are looking for fellow travelers who are a bit further on up the road."

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