Kids Unlimited Preschool Success Story

Springbrook is committed to supporting people of all ages with developmental disabilities. One of the ways that we do this is by providing early intervention services, as well as an integrated educational experience for children ages 3 – 5 at our Kids Unlimited Preschool. Since its opening in 1993, the preschool has been a great success, teaching young children of all abilities in an inclusive, compassionate environment. However, operating with only two classrooms was a challenge because there has been such a great regional demand for a preschool that supports young children with special needs. For example, some Oneonta residents were left with no choice but to send their children to Cobleskill, which is over an hour away, in order to get the support they required.


Springbrook knew something had to be done, so in the summer of 2014, enrollment began for a third classroom at Kids Unlimited. Almost as soon as enrollment had been officially announced, all of the openings had been filled. There are 15 students in the new classroom, bringing the total number of Kids Unlimited students to 49. 

Not only did opening the new classroom meet a local demand for early childhood services; it was a fiscally responsible move as well. Springbrook was able to add five highly trained educational professionals to its ever-growing team—a Special Education Teacher, an Early Childhood Teacher, a Teaching Assistant, and two Classroom Aides. Kids Unlimited Preschool and GEMS Residential Schools Program Coordinator, Kaitlyn Hoffman, is proud of the progress that has been made. “We are having a great year so far! We have some wonderful new staff and a fantastic group of students.”

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