July Employee Spotlight: Judy Beebe

It is safe to say that most, if not all, of the people who know Judy Beebe will tell you that she has the love, dedication, and steadfast resolve required to be a member of the Springbrook family. It is that kind of spirit that has kept her with Springbrook for thirty-eight years.JudyBeebe-220x300.png

A Sidney native, Judy began working at Springbrook in 1976 after graduating from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in education. She had been applying for teaching jobs in the area but was having little luck finding work, so a friend recommended she apply for a job at Springbrook. “I had no idea I would become a permanent employee here,” Judy reports. She continues, “I just became so comfortable with our participants, and this place grew on me so quickly that before I knew it, I was no longer looking for teaching jobs. And now, thirty-eight years later, I am still proud that I’ve been a part of something so special for so long!”

Judy has had many roles at Springbrook over the years. She was initially hired as a part-time kitchen aide. After doing that for a while, she was hired full-time as an overnight staff member in one of the residential units. She worked in various shifts doing direct care in that residence for over five years, before becoming a teaching assistant at The School at Springbrook. Then, once the school began housing residential students in the main school building, Judy became a Residential Supervisor there. Finally, in 1982, she landed in the position she still holds today: Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC). “The title has changed over the years, from ‘social worker’ to ‘case manager’ to ‘service coordinator,’ and now, ‘MSC.’ And I have also worked for the HCBS Department for 12 years and currently  provide Community Habilitation/Respite to two individuals.”

Judy is part of the Springbrook culture in every way. She even met her husband, who is a former employee, through the organization. “The diversity…the fact that every day is different…that’s what keeps me here. Springbrook is the family I never had.” she says. “I feel like I make a difference here, and that is very special.”

Springbrook is proud to count Judy among the many caring employees who work as a team to provide the very best supports for people with developmental disabilities. Having worked with people like Carrie through every stage of life, she truly does make the difference…for a lifetime.

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