Internet Safety Training at Springbrook

Springbrook was pleased to host an educational in-service on September 12 for our Medicaid Service Coordinators and other staff, as well as students, residents, participants, and their families to discuss safe internet practices. As a leader in disability services and a trusted community partner, Springbrook is committed to offering training so that our staff can be the best resource possible for those we serve. Investigator Drew Tocheny from NY State Trooper Troop C Computer Crime led this training for a few dozen interested individuals. He referenced many online platforms and smartphone apps and suggested ways to safeguard against potentially risky or illegal activity for you and your loved ones as technology is used in day-to-day life. 

“It’s important to report any suspicious behavior immediately; there are ways to retrieve data, even when it appears to be gone” he informed the crowd. “Sometimes it’s like searching for a single needle in a huge haystack, other times there are tons of needles in a very small haystack!” He then went on to inform on the relative risks in posting on social media, engaging in lewd photography, and sharing said content. “Once you hit send, you have no idea where that picture could go” he reminded the group. 

The NY State Police partner with organizations like and The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to deliver educational content to kids, teens, and their families that informs about the dangers of unsupervised internet browsing. According to a short film that was screened during the presentation, 60% of young males would agree to meet with an anonymous person they communicated with online. 

Inv. Tocheny was available for questions after the presentation, and he encouraged anyone who might be a victim of harassment, cyberbullying, blackmail, identity theft, child pornography, or any other potential crime related to internet/smartphone use to contact or the State Police.

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