Governor's Budget Cuts Will Impact OMRDD Programs

Governor Paterson has unveiled a Deficit Reduction Plan (DRP) to address the $3 billion current year (2009-2010) budget deficit.  This translates into deep, local cuts which will adversely impact all human services agencies. The Governor proposed a $65.4 million cut specific to OMRDD which would have a dramatic, negative impact on the developmental disabilities service delivery system.

To underscore the immediate critical nature of the budget crisis, the State Legislature as scheduled a series of public hearings to seek impact of the Governor's proposed DRP.  NYSACRA will submit testimony to the State Assembly and State Senate as to the devastating effect these proposed cuts will have if enacted.

It is important that State Legislators hear from parents, family members, individuals with disabilities and those who work in the field as to the negative impact that theses severe cuts will have on developmental disability supports and services.

Please contact your State Assemblymen and State Senators with the following message:

  • Devastate the OMRDD System
  • Compromise the quality of care
  • Shut down critical programs in your legislative district which serve your constituency
  • Create job loss for employees in the field
  • Negatively impact local economies which are already suffering
  • Loss federal Medicaid funding and loss of revenue to the State as a result of Medicaid cuts
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