Giving Thanks

Every November, Springbrook takes time to give thanks by sharing thankfulness quotes on Facebook and Twitter. These quotes come from our employees, and the individuals and families they support. This page will be updated periodically through the month, so check back often!

"We are thankful for Clare’s continued safety, growth and happiness. Clare made her very first real friends this year through the Special Olympics program. Clare is more self-assured, proud of herself, and healthy due to all of Springbrook’s efforts--from teachers and supporting professionals, APE and house staff, physical plant staff and administrators. Thank you Springbrook!!" -Jane Wickstrom, Springbrook parent

"I am thankful for my family, The School at Springbrook's incredible teachers and direct support staff, our students, and Springbrook's generous donors!" -Amanda Mathewson, Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Director of the GEMS School Program at The School at Springbrook

"I am thankful I have my family and staff to help me out." -Eric, Community Homes resident and Capstone participant

"A zillion thanks to the staff at Springbrook! Your love, dedication, caring, patience, and kindness make our son's world a better place. Our minds are at ease with how well you take care of him! We greatly appreciate it! Lots of love, hugs, and kisses to you all!" -Elly Napolitano, Springbrook parent

"I'm very happy to say that at Johnston Circle, we have been getting comments from family members and advocates about how thankful they are that their family members are with us and that they've seen so much positive change and success since coming here! That further proves to me what a great job we all do. In this way, there's much gratitude shared.” -Kimberly Gillette, Springbrook Community Homes Team Leader

Kids Unlimited Preschool Coordinator, Hannah Jacobsen, says: “I am thankful for so many things—my husband Ron and my dog Stella, my amazing family, friends, and coworkers!”

Thanks to Springbrook parent, Barbara Cohen for her kind words: "August 21 marked my daughter's 1-year anniversary at Springbrook. Lauren moved into Parker House on that day in 2014 and it's been the most incredible year ever, for all of us. There have been so many changes but the best is that my baby is happier than she's ever been–and healthier too. We are grateful to everyone at Springbrook and especially to Parker House, with the most amazing staff I have ever met. I hope this is Lauren's forever home. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!"

“The other day my son started laughing at nothing, which in turn started my daughter laughing and caused my son to laugh even harder. When my wife and I asked what was so funny, they couldn’t answer through their laughter and we couldn’t help but start to laugh over their paralyzing laughing fit. So there we were, the four of us, hysterically laughing with each other for no reason...I’m thankful I have moments like that in my life.” -Todd McCarthy, Springbrook Instructional Designer

Special Education Teacher at The School at Springbrook, Kim Kaufman, says: “I am thankful for seeing the students learn new skills, the many great staff who have helped them reach their goals, and for the students who are constantly teaching us.”

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