Giving Back to Those who Give

At Springbrook, supporting people with disabilities means fostering independence and choice. It means making sure that the people we educate and provide services to are active members in their local communities. We believe that all people, regardless of ability, are here to help others who are in need—to give back in whatever way they can. That is why we encourage the dedication and discipline that it takes to be that special someone who volunteers his or her own time to help out.

BloodDrive_smaller-300x200.pngVolunteering is rewarding. It gives people a sense of connection and inclusion, and the knowledge that they are making a difference by achieving a common goal. Members of Springbrook’s Recreation Club are very familiar with the benefits of giving to their community. For example, when the Red Cross is holding a blood drive in the area, Springbrook participants like Deidre, Will, Lyndsay, Billy, Leona, or Roger—who has been doing it for over 5 years—will likely be there helping out with donor registration or passing out snacks and drinks at the canteen after donors have finished giving blood.

Right: (from left) Will, Leona, and Rosemary volunteering at the Red Cross Blood Drive on July 23, 2014.

Oak & Elm Community Homes resident, Stephen, and several of his peers look forward to their work each weeknight at The Lord’s Table, which takes place at Saint James’ Episcopal Church in Oneonta. This community outreach nutrition program provides a free, healthy dinner for up to 100 people each evening. The entire event is volunteer-run, and often, several Springbrook participants will pitch in by wrapping silverware in napkins before the meal is served. There are also Springbrook volunteers who help the Salvation Army Food Pantry, by stocking shelves and bagging groceries. The Salvation Army and The Lord’s Table attract a variety of the residents and adults we support, so it is not uncommon to see new faces each time.

Springbrook believes that people of all abilities can work together toward a common cause. Our local community, churches, and individual donors have shown great support over the years and one way that the adults, children, and families we support can show their gratitude is to give back.

How Can You Give Back?

We at Springbrook believe that very little can be accomplished without the help and support of others. If you are interested in supporting Springbrook, there are several ways you can help. One way to show your support is to volunteer at a Springbrook event or perhaps you would rather make a financial contribution.

Or, perhaps you are a family member of a person who receives support form Springbrook and you are looking for a way to band together with others just like you. Have you heard about the Springbrook Parent Council? The Parent Council facilitates the important roles that parents and families in the Springbrook community play by engaging families in ways that will strengthen Springbrook's mission, vision, and financial outlook.

The Parent Council is designed to help you reach a higher level of engagement with Springbrook. You may participate in events and educational opportunities at whatever level suits your needs and personality best.

The next opportunity for involvement is right around the corner! Please join us on Tuesday, August 5 at 5:00 pm for a special Parent Council Conference Call Meeting. This call will be used to discuss Family Weekend (link) activities, including the parent-planned Staff Appreciation Brunch on Sunday, September 21st, which is part of the weekend’s events. Please RSVP by August 3 at or call 607-286-7171, ext. 287. You will receive call-in instructions at that time.

If you are interested in attending in person, join us here:

Executive Conference Room (White Building), Springbrook Main Campus, 105 Campus Drive, Oneonta, NY 13820

Springbrook believes everyone has a voice. Let yours be heard.

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