Frank Gets a New Bike

Where others see challenges, we at Springbrook see opportunity. This is especially true when we consider keeping individuals active. We take the challenges in providing the highest quality of support for people with developmental disabilities and turn them into opportunities, ensuring that individuals are getting as much exercise as possible—regardless of age or mobility level. Residential Supervisor at Springbrook’s Community Homes Bird Avenue residence, Tara Morely, explains: “Each individual is unique in their interests and abilities, so it can take a while to match the right activity with the right person, but once we find it, we usually see a lot of success.”

BirdAve_Frank-bike-web-277x300.jpgUpon entering the Bird Avenue Community Home in Sidney, visitors are likely to find resident, Frank Ford, socializing with the staff, or watching his favorite television show—The Munsters—amidst a flurry of activity. Bird Avenue is a busy house and Frank is a perfect fit, as he too is full of life and has a lot of energy. Frank takes special interest in checking all of the door handles to make sure they are working properly, and can often be seen carrying several of his favorite possessions while he makes his rounds through the house each day. “He always has something in his hands—he picks new items all the time, so you never know what it will be. Sometimes, we are amazed at how many things he can carry at once!” Tara says.

Left: Tara Morely (left) with Frank on his new bike

Of course, with such an outgoing personality, it should come as no surprise that Frank loves to get outside and soak up the sun as often as possible. He spends his days at the Springbrook Capstone program in Oneonta, but when he is home, if the weather is nice, he will most likely be out riding his new bicycle with a Bird Avenue staff member. But this is no ordinary bike—it’s an adaptive two-seater, so that Frank and a staff member can ride together. Tara says, “There are a few of these bikes at the Community Campus, where he attends the Capstone day program, and once we found out how much he enjoyed riding, we knew it was time to get him one of his own.” She continues, “This model was an obvious choice because it allows him to safely get outside and get exercise.”

Each day, Springbrook’s staff members are always keeping a keen eye on the individuals with whom they work. Part of their commitment takes shape in the form of opportunity—taking that moment to notice—so that each of the people we support is healthy not only today, but tomorrow as well.

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