Evan Harrington is this Year's Triumphant Life Award Winner

The Springbrook Triumphant Life Award is an annual award intended to honor and give special recognition to an individual with a disability, and who has a relationship with Springbrook. The Triumphant Life Award is an acknowledgement of an individual’s ability to use his or her strengths, attitude, and natural supports to inspire others. This year’s recipient of the Triumphant Life Award is Evan Harrington.

Evan has come a very long way since his admission to the School at Springbrook in 2010. When he first came to Springbrook, he engaged a number of intense behaviors and required constant support from staff members and behavior team members. Evan now calmly requests alternatives during many of the situations he once thought stressful, which has resulted in months between negative behaviors.


Left: Special Education Teacher, Katie Yorks; Triumphant Life Awardee, Evan Harrington; Board President, Thomas ). Maggs

Right: Evan accepts his award

Due to the changes Evan has made in communicating and expressing his needs, Evan’s opportunities for personal growth have expanded. He now participates in successful community outings and jobsites and has become far more independent than ever before.

Looking back at the Evan that came to Springbrook in May of 2010, it is hard to believe that it is the same young man, with his radiant smile and positive attitude, who we see today. It is Evan’s fortitude, courage, and skill that have allowed him to overcome his challenges. The staff at Springbrook could not have facilitated the number of positive changes in Evan, had he not approached his education with hard work and determination. Great work, Evan!

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