Derek Vladescu on Community and Art

All month long, we have been celebrating art and inclusion. For many people, including those with developmental disabilities, art in any form can be therapeutic by developing or enhancing fine motor skills, reducing stress and giving people a sense of accomplishment.

Derek Vladescu says that he too finds art therapeutic and that he’s “found it takes patience and diligence…and hard work. At the same time, the best work comes from when [he is] relatively relaxed and letting the art happen naturally.” Derek has been receiving services through Springbrook since 2010, and was one of the many artists featured at the Binghamton office grand opening celebration this September.

A Binghamton native, Derek is currently in the process of completing his Master’s Degree in French Literature. When he is not hard at work studying, you might find him creating art with a variety of mediums—including paint, charcoal, pencil, pen, and pastels—which he uses to produce still life, portraits, and pieces featuring man-made elements such as buildings. Derek has been interested in art his whole life and has been involved in drawing and painting since elementary school.

In anticipation of our approaching Community Art Show, Gifts Unwrapped, we asked Derek to tell us how he thinks art can bring a community together. He strongly agrees that communities can benefit from art, “especially when the community produces the artist, who provides a common ground—say, aesthetic beauty, for example.” We are very proud to count Derek among the many creative people for whom we provide services!

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