Day Habilitation Volunteers at BINGO

clayton_bingo-150x150.jpgAt Springbrook's Community Connections Day Habilitation Program in Oneonta, NY, every member does their part to give back.  One example takes place every other Thursday when  four participants, along with staff, go to Nadar Towers, a senior living facility, to run a BINGO Program.

The Day Hab participants bring prizes that they select and purchase at a local dollar store and set them up on a large display table.  Participants pass out the bingo cards and chips, while being greeted by the senior citizens at the center.

Once the game begins, Clayton is in charge of spinning the bingo cage.  He knows exactly when to spin and when to stop.  The staff will call out the number and, to keep things interesting, occasionally a new rule is added such as getting two prizes if someone gets bingo in 15 minutes or less.

On most occasions, there are four regular bingo games along with a last game, which is worth two prizes.  On a few days, the participants ask the seniors if they want to play a bonus game and seldom does anyone leave.  Both the seniors and the Day Hab participants look forward to bingo game day.

All of the participants are know by their name and have developed friendships with the seniors.  If one of the participants does not come, the seniors get worried and ask how they are doing.   It is amazing how an hour ot two of volunteering can bring pride and joy everyone involved, as well as elevating their self worth and making their lives more fulfilled.

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