Cameron's Success Story

cameron-42-150x150.jpgCameron is a twenty year old high school graduate with autism. For him and his family CSS has become the glue that keeps his life together in an otherwise frustrating and sometimes confusing world. Independence does not come easy, but he can learn it and that is the goal!

Cameron gets help from his family and staff through CSS. He works at Pizza Hut and the Guernsey Memorial Library. He volunteers at Roots & Wings, participates in Chef’s Club and goes to the YMCA each week. Recently he began doing speaking engagements used as a support for other families of kids with autism and as trainings for area school districts.  He wants to take college courses while continuing to work to gain more independence and he hopes to have a girlfriend one day.

Every person takes a different path, yet through CSS they strive to arrive at the same destination: happy, independent adults, with satisfying jobs and personal relationships that provide them with a sense of connection and belonging. For Cameron, learning how to a part of the world around him is an ongoing process. He keeps learning and doing better all the time. Living with autism has been a process, like a series of doors, each with a key of its own. Cameron’s staff helps open these doors. Imagine what he can become with CSS -   independent, able to handle money, hold down a job, live in his own home and have successful relationships.

Cameron is proof that through Self-Determination and Consolidated Supports and Services he can be helped to develop a life, even in a rural area, that is meaningful.  It allows him to get the supports and services he needs to be a contributing member of his community. He has a path to jobs and freedom to hire staff he feels comfortable with. It has provided community inclusion, social skill development, exercise and wellness; help with personal care, job developments, volunteering and transportation. His program is based on needs and reasonable wants. It keeps him happy, safe, functioning and included.

Independence is the ultimate goal. With this program in place his family can now see that possibility.

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