Book Signing with 2010 Gala Honorees

Join Springbrook this Friday, March 26th at 7pm at the Green Toad Bookstore (Oneonta) for a Meet & Greet and Book Signing with our 2010 Citizens of the Year Lynn and Randy Gaston -- authors of Three Times the Love: Finding Answers and Hope for our Triplets with Autism (2009).

Lynn and Randy Gaston were overjoyed when triplets Nicholas, Hunter and Zachary were born.  But at 18 months, the boys began exhibiting odd behaviors.  Lynn's research revealed the same glaring diagnosis -- each boy displayed symptoms of autism. 

Receiving little support, the Gastons were forced to navigate the complicated world of autism alone.  Along their challenging path, they have become fierce advocates as they race against time to find answers.  And now they have made it their goal to arm other parents with the information, guidance and support they were looking for so desperately.  Learn more about the Gastons at

Meet the Gastons at the Green Toad Bookstore on Friday, March 26th.  Then join Springbrook at the Gala on Saturday, March 27th as we honor this inspirational family.

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