Autism Spirit Week

Please see below for daily themes and ideas on how you can join in spreading awareness and compassion throughout the week. And don’t be shy—feel free to share photos or videos with us on Facebook or Twitter (with #RealAutism)!

Monday, 4/18 – Inside Out or Backward

We all know that sometimes seams and tags, or the way a collar fits can be uncomfortable, but what we find uncomfortable can become unbearable for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. At Springbrook, we have found that several of the individuals we support prefer to wear their clothes in unique ways like inside out or backward. Wear your clothes inside out or backward today and reflect on how it feels. Is it comfortable for you? What other ideas can you come up with for making your clothes feel more comfortable?

Tuesday, 4/19 – Show us the “Real You”

Everyone has interests, hobbies, and passions that make them unique. Unfortunately, for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, society can make it difficult for anyone to see the person through the disability. At Springbrook, we focus on what makes a person unique, rather than on their diagnosis. Wear an article of clothing or bring a small item to school or work that reflects a part of what makes you who you are. Be creative and be proud to be you today!

Wednesday, 4/20 – Sensory Day

People with autism experience the world differently than others. For example, certain kinds of indoor lighting can be overwhelming and ambient sounds that most people may not even notice can be magnified for someone with autism. Sometimes, when they are over stimulated, touching something soft or getting a hug can be a comfort. Wear or bring something to school or work that helps to calm you or makes you comfortable and reflect on why this thing is a comfort to you.

Thursday, 4/21 – Communication Day

Can you imagine living life with no way to voice your thoughts and feelings? Another common characteristic of people with autism is non-verbal or limited verbal communication. How does it feel to be non-verbal? Take a few 15-minute “word-free” breaks throughout the day and figure out how to communicate your needs without saying a word.

Friday, 4/22 – Wear Blue Day

What would an awareness campaign be without its own special color? Blue is the official color for Autism Awareness. Show your support and wrap up the week by wearing blue today!

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