August Good News Roundup

Kids Unlimited Preschool has a new Coordinator!

Congratulations to Hannah Jacobsen on her promotion to the position of Kids Unlimited Preschool Coordinator. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College in Speech Pathology. Hannah got her start at Springbrook at as a Teaching Assistant (TA) at Wright House in 2012 and was promoted to Certified Classroom TA in March of 2013. Last year, she contributed to a very successful research project on decreasing rapid eating and is currently the coach for the Springbrook Scorpions Special Olympics Track & Field team. In her role as Preschool Coordinator, some of Hannah’s duties will include oversight for daily operations, parent relations, and ensuring the preschool is adhering to relevant state regulations. She is very excited to transfer to this position, which will begin in the fall, under the supervision of Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Director of the GEMS School Program at The School at Springbrook, Amanda Mathewson.

Job Coach Training for MSCs

As a result of the BIP grant funding recently awarded to Springbrook, the agency hosted the entire New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) “Innovations to Employment Services” curriculum, which includes 36 hours of training for staff to become trained employment staff. This program helps staff to create opportunities and assist in enhancing the vocational skills of program participants from our newly developed Community Prevocational Program, Pathway to Employment Program, and Supported Employment Program. This training was offered to Springbrook staff as well as staff from other area agencies in an effort to assist in New York State’s Employment First initiative.

In addition, our Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC) took a one day training on July 28, with a workshop that is part of the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) “Innovations to Employment Services” curriculum. The 6-hour workshop provided an in-depth overview of New York State’s “Employment First” initiative, which is designed to give agencies such as Springbrook the tools they need to offer the appropriate level of employment training and readiness supports to assist individuals with disabilities in joining the workforce.

Expanded Services through the Nursing Department

This spring, through a partnership with Bassett Hospital, a total of six Registered Nurses—four from the nursing clinic on Springbrook’s Main Campus and two who work off-campus—received phlebotomy training. By completing this training, Springbrook’s nursing department will be able to perform routine blood work on-location, in the comfort of a familiar environment, reducing the anxiety associated with not only the procedure itself but the stress some individuals experience when travelling to new locations. Along with the training, Bassett provided the clinic with a centrifuge machine, which will speed up the processing of some of the blood tests performed. By the end of the year, Springbrook expects that the remaining RNs will be phlebotomy certified as well.

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