2011 Brings a New Chance to Reach Dreams

The past few years, New Year's Eve has been frigid in Oneonta.  This year it was almost 50 degrees!  This was great as nearly 50 Springbrook residents and staff gathered at the Walnut Street Community Home to march in the 2010 First Night Parade.

This year's First Night Theme was Imagine!  Springbrook imagined everyone achieving their dreams in 2011.  Some individuals made flags and banners with their big dreams for the new year while others carried Springbrook flags and bags of goodies to throw to the crowd.  Big dreams included becoming a cook, an equestrian rider, communicating better with others and driving a tractor.  There was lots of laughter and excitement as people finished their flags and everyone lined up.

As the group marched down Main Street, candy and kisses were thrown into the crowd.  When the parade paused, students took the opportunity to dance in the street.  The parade was even held up as Kathy and Jay gave hugs to anyone who wanted one!  Though it was warm night for upstate New York, everyone enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies on at Walnut Street after the parade.

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