The 2010 Charles A. Belden Special Merit Citation Katherine Yager-Krol

Kathy Yager Krol has been serving the participants, staff and supporters of Springbrook for over 30 years. She routinely goes above and beyond to spend time getting to know and supporting those she works with. She embodies the Springbrook Mission through her kindness and compassion, as everyone she meets becomes her family.

Kathy started as one of the original teachers at Springbrook. Although she loved working with the students, she found a need in developing the curriculum and orientation for the direct support staff. She started the preschool and day habilitation programs, was Director of Education, planned and organized events and facilitated fundraising and grant writing.

Kathy has been instrumental in developing relationships with Churches over the last 31 years. Church members, like many others, see Kathy as the face of Springbrook. Although Springbrook’s Mission sells itself, with Kathy, whose commitment to the mission and the cause are obvious and so heart-felt, it means so much more

Kathy Yager Krol not only lives the mission and serves the people she works will, she loves the cause. Mr. Belden and Kathy are kindred spirits who lived their lives to serve others.

Thank you Kathy for all you have done for so many of the participants, families and staff!

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