Why Springbrook

Are you looking for more from your job? More opportunity? More responsibility? More meaning? Then it’s time you thought about Springbrook. At Springbrook our people make our culture great. Our team works hard serving people with developmental disabilities in school, in communities, and in homes to create a learning experience that makes every day a chance to discover, build, and grow.  You  could be doing meaningful work at a place that offers you more—a great starting wage, the best benefits package in the area, and easy ways to work towards a Bachelor's degree or earn your Master's degree while Springbrook pays the bill.  Apply today! 



Overnight Residence Counselor
The School at Springbrook

"Springbrook has been really good to my family. When I was looking for work I knew I wanted weekends off, and that I wanted stable work that allowed me to be there for my kids. Working overnights means that I can be with my kids during the day and still fill a very important role for the students I work with. I like being able to joke around and laugh and help all of them get ready for their day at school with the right attitude. And, I get to wear my PJs to work. The kids love it. I’m known for my Superman Onesie."



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