Working with Children

Working with children with special needs can be an incredibly rewarding career for the right person. At Springbrook we provide supports to children in several settings, including our residential and day school, and supports offered in the home. There are a number of advantages to each type of position, ranging from flexible part-time schedules to a year-round academic schedule.  It is important to remember that every position at Springbrook requires a true passion for helping others and bringing out the best in yourself and the people you support, regardless of age. Below are some of the most common positions available at Springbrook that work directly with children ages 3-21 years.  

Special Education Teachers  provide comprehensive educational services and interventions to assure that the educational needs of all children enrolled in their classroom are being met.  Springbrook's Special Education teachers are creative, caring, and passionate about planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and managing their classrooms so that every student has the most opportunity to reach their full potential.  

Teaching Assistants provide educational services and interventions under the guidance of one of Springbrook's Special Education Teachers. Depending upon the  program a Teaching Assistant may need additional certifications and may work with students  in a Springbrook classroom or in a Springbrook residential setting.

SDS or HCBS Workers partner directly with families to provide a range of supports and services in the home or community. An SDS or HCBS worker may work with a child a few hours or a few days a week on specific skills or may provide respite support for a full-time caregiver. Activities can range from attending college courses with a service recipient to working on homework with a student after school, it all depends on the individual needs of the child and their family. 

Job seekers for all positions related to the educational programs at Springbrook can soon apply through OLAS. Click here to be connected  and search "Southern Region" for opportunities within Springbrook.


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