Working with Adults

If you are someone who enjoys helping individuals and learning about human behavior, then working with the adults who Springbrook supports may be a great fit for you! The day-to-day work of a direct support professional has a strong influence on the individuals we serve, and makes a clear difference in their abilities to live independent and fulfilling lives. Working with these individuals and getting to know and help them may also change your own perspective or worldview.

DSP work brings a unique sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you will not find in many other jobs. Working with adult support recipients will give you the opportunity to develop a unique, helping relationship, witness and be part of success, and make a difference in a person's life.  This is work with meaning. Below are just a few of the many careers available to those interested in working directly with the adults who Springbrook supports. 

Residence Councilors provide assistance to individuals living in one of Springbrook's 24 Community Homes. People who take on this important work support adults with all aspects of daily living, personal care, and recreation. They are passionate about providing choice and being a resource for the people who we support, all in compliance with all Springbrook policies and OPWDD policies to ensure safety. 

Springbrook Career Coaches provide the support necessary to facilitate employment success for individuals with developmental disabilities. They provide assistance and support with both on and off job site activities needed to promote job discovery, job development, adjustment, and job retention. Career Coaches work with local businesses, volunteer sites, unpaid assessment sites, and Employment Services Coordinators to facilitate work experiences for individuals. Career Coaches assist individuals to successfully acquire and sustain employment skills, with the goal of eventually working independently.

Day Habilitation Assistants and Coordinators work with adults who attend one of Springbrook's Day Habilitation programs. Day Hab Assistants work on personal and educational goals that can range from reading and writing to fine motor skills or planning and budgeting. Goals are crafted and worked toward on a daily basis in a classroom setting, with opportunities for volunteering in the community, working on life skills hands-on in the community, and physical exercise like bowling or yoga offered as often as possible.  Employees at one of Springbrook's two Day Habilitation programs (located in Norwich and Oneonta), also benefit from a Monday - Friday set schedule with most federal holidays off.


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